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Our objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you,
our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.

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Our Inheritance

L.D.P.E. was invented and masterbatch was required by the developing plastics industries. This led to Ferro becoming the first global supplier of a wide variety of white, black and filler masterbatch concentrates with polymer additives.
Ferro South Africa is incorporated on the 30th September at Brakpan and his site remains as the Head office of Ferro South Africa (Pty) Ltd. today.
Ferro expands its colour division by developing inorganic colour pigments for ceramics and plastics, in addition to porcelain enamel.
The forerunner of the Plastics segment is formed, and supported by several important thermoplastic colorants.
Plastics is recognized as a new core business, serving as a major supplier of filled, reinforced, alloyed and custom-engineered plastics.
Plastics operations are strengthened with the manufacture of additives for plastics.
Ferro acquires a stronger presence in specialty plastic compounds for electronic, medical and packaging applications.
Ferro doubles the size of its polymer additives product line.
Ferro strengthens its electronic materials business by acquiring a key producer of dielectric powders—and adds thermoplastic elastomers to its plastics business


Ferro is unique in South Africa in that it is the only manufacturer of black, white and filler masterbatch using both internal high energy mixers and twin co-rotating extruders, which provide exceptional pigment dispersion. Substantial tonnages of a wide variety of masterbatch, specifically designed to suit the individual requirements of the industry are produced daily.

Our objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you, our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.

Our Customers and how are we different?

• We are a customer centric company, we consider you, our customer first when formulating products or offering services, we take your needs into consideration

• We provide you with detailed specifications of Ferro products, for your ease of selection and suitability to your processes

• Our technical sales staff are available to support you

We value your business


– our manufacturing processes

Situated on the East Rand, Ferro has been producing black, white and filler masterbatch for over four decades and is the largest manufacturer of black in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ferro moves up a gear – with additional extruders

In response to the increasing demand for Ferro masterbatch from local and International sales teams, Ferro acquired addition “high performance” extruders capable of meeting the demand with capacity in hand, for future growth.

Our aim and objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you, our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.

Black Masterbatch

The Black plant was the first to acquire an additional extruder, a 92mm Coperion ZSK twin-screw unit, which offered greater output capacity and complimented the performance levels of the existing Krauss Maffei Berstorff extruder.

Ferro’s priority is to meet customers’ preferences with regard to pellet conformation and the Coperion ZSK can produce more than one ton per hour of pellets in die-face cut formation, similar to the existing German-engineered Berstorff extruder.

With its twin screw technology and highly accurate gravimetric material handling systems from Brabender Europe, the new ZSK and Berstorff extruders are able to maintain and uphold the quality of masterbatch produced.

The production team run on a 24/7 basis, manufacturing a diverse range of black masterbatch grades, containing up to 50% pigment dispersion with maximum solids loading of 80%. Products range from ‘entry-level’ commodity material to high quality, ”fit for purpose” blacks in a variety of polymers, suitable for the domestic and International plastic markets.


White Masterbatch

Ferro Plastics’ White plant received a new SHJ-92 co-rotating twin-screw extruder which was commissioned earlier in 2016. This line can also produce at a rate of one metric ton per hour, allowing for the incorporation of up to 85% solids with excellent dispersion properties. Both strand cut or under-water pelletizers are available generating water-ring die face cut pellets.

Various formulations of Filler or White masterbatch, in a variety of polymers, are produced in the white plant. The SHJ-92 extruder now runs alongside a Farrel CP45 system, with the increased capacity able to meet demand for both Filler and White masterbatch.

With the upgrade of both production plants, Ferro Plastics will remain a cost efficient producer of masterbatch and can confidently offer assurance that market demands on capacity and consistent quality, will remain the priority.


Ferro Plastics is part of the Bud Group