Filler Masterbatch

Ferro produces several masterbatch grades in PE and PP containing either coated or uncoated fillers, suitable in the following applications:

  • PP tapes where anti-fibulation properties are imported to woven tapes
  • PP tapes where high dosages of filler are required
  • PP tapes where a finer coated filler is preferred
  • Anti-block properties are added to thin packaging film
  • De-lustering is imparted where reduced gloss effects are required
  • Improved print adhesion can be added
  • Where improved heat sealability and shorter machine cycles are required
  • Where cost reductions are required
  • Food contact approval
  • Injection moulding and film extrusion in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE.
  • A general purpose filler masterbatch.

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