Black Masterbatch

Our mission in black masterbatch is to produce:

High quality masterbatch for specialized manufacturing with the aim of improving and strengthening the competitive position of our customers and markets they serve.

Commodity grades of black masterbatch designed to meet specific industry requirements.

The Ferro range of products:

Contain a variety of different types of carbon black with additions ranging from 15 – 50 % and include, on certain applications, the introduction of filler, with additions ranging from 10 – 35 %. The total solids content is limited to 80 %.

All the ranges of our masterbatches (low cost or high quality) can be used in different applications, for example : Film, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding , Pipe Extrusion and Roto Moulding.

Ferro goes for GOLD   •   To be the preferred supplier    •   To be chosen first

Our full approach includes:

  • An increased quality and service control knowledge of all thermoplastic resins
    and compound systems
  • Understanding our customers manufacturing processes
  • Unmatched FDA product formulation capabilities
  • Reduced contamination controls
  • The evaluation of a variety of different types of polymer
  • The incorporation of selected recycled materials where needed
  • Our ability to satisfy orders ranging from 10 – 20 ton per load
  • Cost effective understanding of transportation and shipping costs

The Largest Producer of Black Masterbatch in Sub-Saharan Africa

Our objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you, our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.