Santicizer and Polymer Additives

Ferro is world renowned for innovative approach to the introduction of additives and we offer a comprehensive range of products containing uv stabilizers and antioxidants that are formulated to be the best suited to the given application.

Ferro also provides a range of plasticizers under the trade name Santicizer suitable as additives in various applications form printing inks to artificial leather.

Ferro Santicizer products are produced in a world-class facility in Ferro Belgium.

Ferro Santicizer Range:

SAN278 – Chemical Type: Texanol Benzyl Phthalate

SAN261 – Plasticizer – Chemical Type: Alkyl (C7, C8, C9) Benzyl Phthalate

SAN160 – Chemical Type: Butyl Benzyl Phthalate

SAN148 – Chemical Type: Isodecyl Diphenyl Phosphate

SAN141 – Chemical Type: Octyl Diphenyl Phosphate

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