White Masterbatch


Our mission in white masterbatch is to:

Improve and strengthen the competitive position of our customers and markets they serve.

Ferro Plastics has a unique mixing process:

In the manufacture of White Masterbatch which allows for the incorporation of very high levels of solids (up to 80%), with good dispersion properties.

This capability enables us to meet typical applications such as:

  • High loading of well dispersed high quality pigment (titanium dioxide) suitable for very thin film such as hospital protection sheeting
  • The layer of co-extruded products, especially heavy duty sacks
  • Economical masterbatch where lower levels of pigment can be extended with or without filler, such as used in polymer extender products where polymer and masterbatch share similar costs
  • Masterbatch suitable for injection moulding applications, such as bottles, tubs, buckets, etc., where good pigment dispersion is essential
  • The “entry level: white masterbatch range provides good opacity at low addition rates

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Ferro Black and White Masterbatch


Our objective is to increase the economic benefit we provide for you, our customer, through the use of technology and service excellence.